renew | january 2024


Learn the Evergreen Planning Method through six transformative challenges, starting on January 1st.

renew | january 2024 will teach you

the Evergreen Planning Method so you can...

- effortlessly find focus every day ✍🏼

- discover an abundance of hidden time ⏳

- & finally make progress on ALL of the things you know God is calling you to do. 🕯️

...all with a life-giving planning habit that sticks.

No planner required—all you need is a pencil, paper, and responsibilities that need to be organized.

🕯️ 📖 ✍🏼


"I’m making progress on goals like never before. I can’t remember the last time—if ever—I felt this present, productive, & empowered."

— S. W. —

"It’s only day 3 and already I’m making so much progress to just get out from under the overwhelm of the most basic day-to-day tasks."

— R. H. —

  • When a woman hears Christ’s call to “seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness,” the Evergreen Planning Method will be there to help her work out what it looks like to proactively follow her Lord in terms of both her long-range vision and an average Tuesday morning.
  • Are you ready for a single daily habit to change your life?




Imagine waking up every morning with the clarity to know exactly what you need to get done to show up for your loved ones, honor your commitments, and steward your time with confidence. How would that change your life? What kind of legacy would it leave for those who follow you?

The Evergreen Planning method is a comprehensive, thoroughly Christian approach to time-management that starts with Biblical principles for our motivation and aim, and then infuses this framework with worldclass productivity techniques that are used by top performers. Using the Evergreen Planning Method and the Evergreen Day Planner every day will actually train your brain to prioritize better! We believe that you DO have enough time for everything God is calling you to do. You just have to know how to find it, protect it, and leverage it to accomplish your goals—the Evergreen Method will teach you just that! 


Meet McCauley, Clari, & Shelby

We've always believed that “seek first the Kingdom of God” should impact the way we redeem the time on an average Tuesday morning. 🕯️

As three homeschooling mamas with 11 kids between us, we've become discontent with the cultural default of feeling "pulled in too many directions" and existing in a state of anxious distraction.

7 years ago, sister-founders McCauley and Shelby developed the Evergreen Planning Method and it completely transformed our lives! When Clari came on board, she helped Shelby develop the ROOTED Goal Setting System. This completed our system of tools for mastering the art of self-management as modern Christian women, and the results these tools had in rapidly increasing our clarity, capacity, and peace were nothing short of astonishing.

It didn't take long before we'd discovered loads of hidden time that we could apply to pursuing everything the Lord was calling us to do. And any time we faced challenges and felt overwhelmed, all it took was a single 15 minute planning session to get attain radical clarity on our next priorities—and exactly where those priorities would fit into our busy schedules!

When our own mental organization flowed out into our homes, work, opportunities to accomplish long-range goals in the most incredible, life-giving ways, we just knew had to share this approach with other women.

We've invested the past four years into this endeavor, and it has fed into the broader movement of profound personal responsibility that has been catching amongst our generation of Christians like wildfire.