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Women are created to fill vitally important spaces in this world.

Therefore, it is CRUCIAL that we have space for deep work and mental organization so that we can show up to everything God is calling us to do with excellence.

Apply now to join a community where everyone is playing the long game.

Lean into your God-given agency.

We're constantly surrounded by messages that suggest that it's normal to live a reactionary lifestyle that revolves around the comforts and pleasures of today.

As a Christian woman, you're committed to a life that goes so much deeper. We created a personal growth community to support you in your journey to get totally organized around the work God is calling you to do.

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Change your productivity forever with one edifying app.

Forget clunky AI schedulers—robots will never replace human intuition when it comes to crafting a life-giving day. You can kiss hustle-culture goodbye, too, because as Christians, we march to the beat of a different drum.

As Image bearers, we're called to bring order out of chaos in a way that honors God, cultivates life, and embraces vital rhythms of rest, connection, and nourishment.

The Evergreen approach combines the life-changing power of digital education with the mind-calming haven of an analog planner system to deliver an approach to personal development that will change your productivity forever.

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Your path forward is kept streamlined and fun with the badges you earn on our Challenge Path.


Organize every area of your life with the growing vault of Evergreen printables.


Uplevel your skills & get your questions answered in real time in our community zoom calls.


You don't have to resort to random FB Groups to get fresh perspective. Here, you can connect with people who get it!

"It’s only day 3 and already I’m making so much progress to just get out from under the overwhelm of the most basic day-to-day tasks. I could not be more grateful for this community and this challenge."

"This definitely helped me feel better about everything... Organizing it all into small tasks and easy to access, then PLANNING for the time I can do deep work, and being able to quickly see what I need to/can do...super helpful and relieving."

"First work week in my planner and I am IN LOVE! ...I jumped from planner to planner and haven't stuck with anything... ...this planner is just what I'm looking for. Portable, beautiful, and a system that really just WORKS. I'm so glad I found Evergreen💚"

This community is currently invite-only!

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Meet Team Evergreen

Clari, McCauley, and Shelby are dedicated to helping women accomplish their goals and craft vibrant lifestyles. Their unique approach to time-management and productivity, showcased through the Evergreen Planner and Make Space to Thrive Podcast, is being described by women around the world as "revolutionary" and "life-changing."

Are you ready for time-management advice that actually works in real life?

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You're not alone in your struggles to effectively self-manage.

In fact, Evergreen itself was born out of that same struggle. With the world in our pockets, we are all juggling more roles and opportunities than ever before. But our very real time limitations should inspire us to ask deep questions and figure out the things that truly matter.

You simply need permission to FOCUS on the life-giving work that only you can do.

Quieting the noise and training your brain to prioritize your goals takes commitment. Evergreen shows you how declutter your mind, center on your unique calling, organize your tasks, and build the habit of focus into the flow of every day.

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